Looking for the best money changer rates in Singapore? Here is how you can find the best rates around town

You spent weeks & months planning and saving up for your much awaited holiday destination. You booked your air tickets and accommodation months in advance to secure the best prices. What about securing the best rates when it comes to exchanging for foreign currencies? Searching for a money changer in Singapore with the best rates can be a hassle.

1. The old-fashioned way: Travel down to these money changer shops and hope that they offer good rates.

Mustafa Centre Money Changers

From a small garment shop established in 1971, Mustafa Singapore has grown to be become a 24-hours mega mall known for its wide selection of products from electronics to groceries. As a popular tourist spot due to its competitive prices and around-the-clock operating hours, you can find money changers located outside the building.

The Arcade Money Changers @ Raffles Place

Situated right at the heart of the Central Business District, The Arcade has a large number of good money changers where you can compare the rates shop by shop. Remember that sometimes a shop gives a better rate for one currency but not another currency.

Money Changers @ People’s Park Complex Chinatown

People’s Park Complex houses a plethora of money changers – most of them right next to each other on the ground floor. Bargaining is acceptable at many of the money changers at Chinatown. Remember to always ask for the exchange rates before showing your money.

Money Changers @ Lucky Plaza

Perhaps one of the most convenient places to exchange money, Lucky Plaza houses a multitude of money changers with competitive rates. You will notice that most of the money changers do not display their rates, so it is your chance to put your bargaining skills to use.


Money Changers @ Parkway Parade

Look no further than Parkway Parade to exchange money if you are an Eastsider, or for travellers staying in the heritage of Joo Chiat and Geylang. Most of the money changers are situated at level 1 of the 6 storey shopping centre.


2. Compare rates online before heading down to the money changer

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If you would like to save the time spent on hopping from money changer to money changer to find the best rates, you can check out CashChanger,a website that informs travellers about the currency rates at different money changers in Singapore. The website is based on real data contributed by the community rather than estimates.



Get4x is a location-based currency exchange rate aggregator where you can search for the cash exchange rates being offered by money changers within cities, whether you’re at your origin or destination.  Get4x can currently be used in travel hubs around the world and the service is constantly expanding to more cities.

3. Get currency delivered to your home for free at the competitive exchange rates


Forget rushing down to money changers trying to sort out your currency. With FXchange app, all you need to do is to select the foreign currency you will need for your trip, and then choose between home delivery or pickup from one of our machines across Singapore. FXchange charges 0% commission on all orders!